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Reel Talk #14 – 80's Action Films Reel Talk

In the latest instalment of Reel Talk, Jack and Jake delve into the world of 80's action films, talking their favourites and discovering a certain sequel that looks a lot like it should be a porno. 
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  2. Reel Talk #13 – Adam Sandler is the king
  3. Reel Talk #12 – Our greatest cinema experiences and films to be seen on the big screen
  4. Reel Talk #11 – Jack's Top Ten Favourite Films
  5. Reel Talk #8 – Interview with Jacob Migicovsky

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InHibit – ‘Settings’ | Single Review

‘Settings’ is the latest tune from InHibit and it is absolutely fantastic! Taking influence from 90’s alternative rock like Nirvana, InHibit has managed to make a huge tune, full of massive riffs and pounding drums! His lyrics are thought-provoking and almost poetic, and combined with the fantastic instrumental work and production, it makes for an…

Postmouse – ‘Going Postal’ | EP Review

‘Going Postal’ is the debut EP from Postmouse and it is truly impressive! The EP kicks off with the upbeat yet somewhat cynical song ‘New Years day’. Full of jangly guitars this feel good indie pop tune echoes relatable lyrics, like ‘God this year has been a waste’ and ‘All the chocolate I ate, did…

An Interview with Myriam Adams

Our writer, Jack Vincent took the time to ask one of Birminghams hottest up and coming bands, Myriam Adams some questions, surrounding trouble in lockdown and their new EP, ‘Sexy Suburban Sadness’ 1. Most basic questions first! How did the band form? Back in like december 2018. We all started out at college in Stratford…

An Interview With Conn Thorton

Our very own Alex Herron talked to Conn Thorton about their debut album and what it means to them to make music. When did you begin making music? I started playing when I was around 6 years old and probably started writing original stuff when I was about 15. I moved into more singer-songwriter stuff…

Marvel’s WandaVision | Episode 4 Review + Easter Egg Breakdown

It’s another week which means another exciting instalment of Marvel’s WandaVision. Episode 4 unfurls the story from the other side of the snow globe that is Westview, New Jersey. It is also rife with call-backs to the movies and full of Easter eggs and teasers, which we’ll try to unpack and make some sense of…

Marvel’s WandaVision Episode 3 Review

*Spoilers ahead* WandaVision’s 3rd episode premiered on Friday and boy did it have a lot to offer. This is the first episode to really show its true colours, and nod towards the direction of the show with lots of easter eggs which we’ll run through. The episode begins as the first in-colour episode, after the…