Postmouse – ‘Going Postal’ | EP Review

‘Going Postal’ is the debut EP from Postmouse and it is truly impressive! The EP kicks off with the upbeat yet somewhat cynical song ‘New Years day’. Full of jangly guitars this feel good indie pop tune echoes relatable lyrics, like ‘God this year has been a waste’ and ‘All the chocolate I ate, did I make a mistake?’

We then move on to the Beatle-esque ‘I could Stay A While (bah bah bah)’, portraying catchy riffs and cool, calm and collected drumming. 

The next song, ‘Try and look to the stars’ is one of the more musically complex tracks on the EP, and the songwriting once again takes mundane stories and makes them intricate and gripping. 

My personal favourite track on the EP however is ‘Don’t tell me’. We are given a more lo-fi and hazy sound here that’s almost psychedelic in it’s production. Postmouse is the product of two of the brightest minds on the uk indie scene and ‘Going postal’ is one you won’t want to miss!

You can stream ‘Going Postal‘ everywhere now!

Words by Jack Horsley.

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