An Interview with Myriam Adams

Our writer, Jack Vincent took the time to ask one of Birminghams hottest up and coming bands, Myriam Adams some questions, surrounding trouble in lockdown and their new EP, ‘Sexy Suburban Sadness’

1. Most basic questions first! How did the band form?

Back in like december 2018. We all started out at college in Stratford Upon Avon and we all wanted to just be in a band basically. Well, except for Ethan. We kind of tricked him by saying it was a college project.

2. Where did the name Myriam Adams come from?

She was a character from some stories Archie and Freddie used to write back in nursery. 

3. How would you describe your genre?

Right now… Post Emo Pop Punk. I don’t know… lol 

4. You guys blend a lot genre’s together, what’s your writing process?

Usually we will discover something we like about a certain song or genre and mess around with that idea. Sometimes it turns out terrible, other times we love it. That’s how we make songs! 

5. What are your influences?

Right now I’m very into Jaden Smith, Frank Ocean and I don’t know a lot of Hip Hop/Rnb artists. I don’t think that’s something we’ve experimented with too much on this past EP. But I can definitely see things being more influenced by that kind of artist in the future. Plus, we are into a lot of Midwest Emo bands. Such as Modern Baseball, Hot Mulligan, Spanish Love songs…

6. What’s the story behind the ‘Sexy Suburban Sadness’ E.P? How did it come about? 

It’s a compilation of thoughts and experiences whilst growing up in the suburbs. When I say growing up, I mean the transition from being a kid/teen to being a young adult. It’s surface level introspection. It’s been a lot of “I feel a certain way” so I’m just going to spit it out into a song. 

7. How was recording the E.P?

It was very home produced. Everything was recorded in our garage or our bedrooms. All the production was worked on in the living room. It’s definitely been weird but I feel like this EP needed that recording process to it anyways. It allowed us to experiment more.

8. You seem to be growing pretty fast, despite the pandemic limiting your options, what’s your secret?

To be honest with you, it’s only been very recently that things have seemed to pick up again. The first lockdown was really tough. We just tried to wait it out as opposed to finding ways of working with it. I’m very proud of the band. I definitely wouldn’t say there’s a secret to it. Mainly, cause we really haven’t grown that much! but if it was anything, I’d say determination and consistency.

9. What’s been your most memorable moment so far as a band?

Probably the last headline we had before COVID. It was at The Flapper in Brum and it was our biggest show to date. We’d managed to sell out the venue and it all felt really surreal.

10. Finally, any future plans? Either during the pandemic or post-pandemic?

On the topic of “most memorable moment”. I think what’s next for the band is one of those moments. On the 9th of March we are doing a livestream show. Properly broadcasted from some studios in London! It’s a free show which I’m really happy about. There’s so much potential in a show like that. There’s no limits as to how many people it can reach. For example, It’ll be the first time my dad ever sees the band live. He lives in Spain and has never had the opportunity to see the band. It’ll be proper emotional hopefully. The big finale of Sexy Suburban Sadness.

There’s a lot of plans for “Post Pandemic”. Sexy Suburban Sadness has opened up our eyes a lot creatively and I genuinely feel like it is only the beginning.

Stream ‘Sexy Suburban Sadness’ everywhere now!

Words by Jack Vincent.

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