Godzilla Vs. Kong | Trailer Breakdown

After waiting patiently for years, the trailer that we have all been waiting for has finally arrived!
Godzilla Vs. Kong takes place decades after the events of Kong: Skull Island and a few years after Godzilla: King of monsters. After Godzilla defeated Mothra, Rodan and Ghidorah, he was hailed king of the monsters, the most elite creature to ever walk the earth. From the trailer it appears he has gone into hiding, but Kong bows to no one!

From the trailer we can gather this… after Godzilla turns hostile, humanity is desperately looking for a way to keep him at bay and stop him from destroying the earth. A team including Alexander Skarsgard‘s Nathan Lind, capture Kong from Skull Island in hopes that he will be able to put an end to the king of monsters and take the throne. However whilst this is happening, Millie Bobby Brown (returning to her role as Maddison Russell from the previous film) teams up with new addition, Julian Dennison‘s Josh Valentine, to decide who to support in this epic throw-down and discover the reasons for Godzilla’s recent actions.

Personally, I think this film looks absolutely brilliant. I really wasn’t too keen on Gareth Edward’s 2014 Godzilla, but King of the monsters really redeemed it for me. You know, the film wasn’t called Aaron Taylor-Johnson the movie, it was called Godzilla! I was expecting some awesome monster action but it was really too humane for me. However the sequel did a great job at balancing the humanity and the monster, it was pretty good! Kong: Skull Island was always going to be kind of a filler movie. Being set in the 70’s, we were never going to see any of the characters again, and so I feel the human aspect of that film lacked a bit. But on the other hand It was a really fun take on Kong. It differed from other versions, making it sure it wasn’t just any other remake and it was a really fun monster movie.

Now, we have the best of both worlds! The characters from King Of Monsters and, well… obviously the huge awesome monsters, fighting to the death! Surely this is going to be good?
Well, after that first trailer it certainly looks good! There are fantastic visuals with the fighting, some cool new additions to the cast and even maybe Mechagodzilla, making the battles even more interesting! My theory is the humans built Mechagodzilla to fight the king and there was no comparison… so they had to bring in the big guns!

Anyway, the trailer is awesome! Check it out below!
Words by Jack Horsley.

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