Ava Ruby – ‘better than you’ | Single Review

Relatable lyrics, a laid back tone of voice and the overall careless vibe of a song are the perfect formula to create a relatable and easy listening breakup song and it seems like Ava Ruby has perfected this formula as ‘better than you’ is the well needed breakup song that is almost guaranteed to help you get over your ex. 

After a 17 second or so R&B instrumental introduction, Ava jumps straight into the strong story behind the song – the process of a breakup where you can’t help but know you deserve way better. “I want someone who sleeps with me, eats with me, breathes with me – just wants to be with me” represents the time before the breakup, when you are realising what you truly deserve. 

The chorus and the line that Ava sings repeatedly through the track – “I wanna be with someone better than you” is the actual breakup line – she is basically ending the relationship via song (which is a very 2020 way to end a relationship in my opinion). It is a direct message to whoever this song is about and plenty of people can relate to this one line alone. 

Ava actually hinted about who the song is about, as she said on Twitter: “Wrote it crying on my bed after being dumped by a guy that I didn’t even like.

“Proud that I made something out of a shitty situation.”

Instead of screaming the lyrics like people do in a typical breakup song, she is singing them with a more laid back approach. It’s almost like she’s at the point of not caring about her former lover as she has realised her worth and has no time or energy to scream the lyrics. By the end of the song, the message gets more harsh in a way. She’s practically telling them that she is completely better off without them and they need to accept it. 

This tune seems to be heavily influenced by the popularity of the app Tik Tok and the sounds that surround the app. It reminds me of ‘Hello?’ by Clairo and Rejjie Snow – both songs are performed with a monotone voice that is easy to listen to. The big difference though is that ‘Hello?’ is about the start of a relationship and catching feelings for someone, whilst ‘better than you’ is about leaving the relationship – you can still hear the similarities. 

This is the second song from Ava Ruby – an upcoming LA artist. Her first song ‘LSD’ is more upbeat and alternative compared to ‘better than you’ but they are both as equally as catchy as each other and the different styles of music just show off the talent she has. 

Her career is looking strong already and I’m excited to see what music she releases in 2021. Will it be more upbeat like ‘LSD’? Or will it be another breakup anthem like ‘better than you’? Or will it be completely different?

Words by Izzy Hawksworth.

‘better than you’ out now!

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