A Charming interview with DJ Sabrina the teenage DJ

Our writer, Alex Herron had a chat with London based DJ, DJ Sabrina the teenage DJ about her inspirations, her 2020 album ‘Charmed’ and more!

ALEX: You have written briefly about it on bandcamp but how did you get your start making music?
DSTTD: I’ve been making music for a few years now, but the lo-fi house scene inspired me to take some of my tracks further. I was making some early 90’s house tracks inspired by the Caustic Window LP kickstarter release back in 2014, but I didn’t do anything with those tracks. After I heard DJ Seinfeld, I wanted to try working on some classic house again and loved the combination of fun aesthetic with the authenticism of the music.

ALEX: Who are your biggest musical inspirations and what was your favourite music growing up?
DSTTD: The Avalanches Since I Left You and Daft Punk’s Homework and The Chemical Brothers Dig Your Own Hole are three of the most consistently perfect, original and amazing albums ever made, and I think you can probably hear a lot of the influences in my songs!

ALEX: You’ve gained quite a dedicated fanbase online recently and “Charmed” has received lots of praise and critical acclaim, how did it feel when you started seeing all the love coming in for “Charmed” and what would you like to say to the fans?
DSTTD: It was unbelievable. I still can’t quite process it, so many ears listening to my little tunes! It’s wonderful to hear each and every kind word and I like to personally thank each listener and supporter because I honestly didn’t think I’d ever be able to share my songs with so many people! I’ve always just wanted to make music to inspire other people in the same way my musical heroes have inspired me!

ALEX: When you’re not working on music what else do you like to do in your spare time?
DSTTD: Playing games from the nineties mostly, haha! Oh, I love watching 90’s sitcoms too!

ALEX: “Charmed” was the fifth highest rated album of 2020 on rateyourmusic, do you check the site often? and how did it feel to be up there alongside big names in music history like Fiona Apple, Jessie ware and the microphones?
DSTTD: So crazy! I didn’t even know about RYM until I started seeing traffic coming in from pages that people had kindly put up of my albums, it’s incredibly humbling!

ALEX: You’re currently running a campaign to release one of your older projects “Witchkraft”, on vinyl, how come you chose this project and how can fans support this campaign?
DSTTD: Haha, well Witchkraft is the only album of mine short enough to fit on two records! It was intended to be a shorter, simpler to manufacture tape release after the success of Makin’ Magick (sophomore releases don’t tend to do as well and I wanted to keep people’s attention!) and it’s still the only album that doesn’t need at least three records to press! Fans can help out by pledging at https://qrates.com/projects/22285 (they only charge payments once the release has fully funded so it’s good to get involved now!)

ALEX: What would you say to anyone out there who is looking to start making music of their own but has never released or made anything before?
DSTTD: Just grab a DAW (Studio One is my favorite but Reaper is free and can work really nicely with some simple modifications to the menus and UX!) and have fun! With Youtube, there is a practically endless supply of inspiration and there’s over a century of music releases to be inspired by. I’ve never taken any courses or lessons or anything, I’ve just played around with tools and listened to stuff for ideas, it’s much more fun that way (I find, at least)! I also probably do a LOT of things technically wrong, but it sounds okay to me, lol!

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