The Muppets Christmas Carol (1992) Review | Advent Film Calendar Day 23

So The Muppets Christmas Carol is amazing. Some of my fondest Christmas memories involve this film. My mum and I used to watch it ad nauseum, usually while decorating the tree and with a tasty Christmas hot choco (pronounced Choc-o) on the go. It’s one of the many reasons I view Christmas with such reverence, while I’ve become incredibly cynical as I’ve gotten older (which I’m not proud of), I still love Christmas and look forward to it every year. Being able to spend time with family and just have some good times is literally the meaning of Christmas and it makes me grateful for everyone in my life that I can count on. My friends and family are incredibly dope and I guess Christmas shines a spotlight on that. I know Christmas is fucked this year (because of an incompetent government that was voted for by the majority of the UK, just saying) but you best believe that on Christmas day, your boys gonna be downing that hot choco and watching some goddamn Muppets. 

You all know the story of The Christmas Carol; Old guy humbugs, gets roasted, loves Christmas now. It’s timeless stuff. Only this time, it’s Muppets. Scrooge is played by the excellent Michael Caine who swaggers about like the posh cockney he is. Being a consummate professional, Caine treats the Muppets with gravitas and seriousness that really sells it. The Muppets themselves are also awesome. They are a great fit for the story and the characters within. Gonzo plays Charles Dickens, who when I was a kid I insisted was Charles Dickens and never Gonzo. He narrates the story while his dumb buddy Rizzo gets increasingly grievously harmed in some hilarious ways. Kermit is obviously Bob Crachit and the little Kermit is Tiny Tim. I could go on listing all the different Muppets but suffice to say they’re all the right characters.

Basically, The Christmas Carol is about understanding and not being a twat. While The Muppets add a lot of hilarity to proceedings, that message still holds true, perhaps now more than ever. The reason 2020 got so terrible was because nobody took the time to listen to each other and everyone was a twat about it (including me). Watching The Muppets Christmas Carol of all things made me realise that. You know, we can still enjoy Christmas day and we can all still look after each other (not in a lame government mandated way but in a caring, human way). Scrooge learns to not be such a humbug, his selfishness lead him to unhappiness and he realises that. Bob Crachit doesn’t have a lot but he doesn’t need it, he has friends and family. In our modern age, our loved ones are a phone call away. I know it’s going to suck for all the people having to spend Christmas alone, but if you know someone who is, give them a call, reach out. Have a Zoom party. Instead of dwelling on all the issues in this crapsack world, do something about it, find a way to make it work. Don’t be a twat, basically. That’s going to be my new year’s resolution.

Oh yeah, The Muppets Christmas Carol; good jokes and characters, there’s songs in it too, I like Michael Caine, 8/10. 

Words by Jack Vincent.

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