The Snowman (1982) Film Review | Advent Film Calendar Day 19

In Britain, The Snowman is one of the most iconic festive films of all time. Being a short film, every year it is shown on TV, normally on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, and it is as popular and loved now, as it was nearly 30 years ago when it was released.

Very simply put, this film follows a boy who builds a snowman, and goes to bed. When he wakes up, the snowman is alive, and they fly to the north pole to see Santa.
I really like this film. Not only is it extremely nostalgic but it’s really good! It’s charming drawings from Raymond Briggs, the iconic song, ‘We’re walking in the air’ that echoes as The Snowman and the boy glide through the dead of night. Like any good Christmas film, it also features a lot of heart. We see the beautiful friendship that emerges between the two of them, with the hijinks and the classic almost brotherly banter.

At the film’s climax, we also see how the boy mourns, as The Snowman melts away. The boy holds The Snowman’s scarf in his hands, and grieves his loss.

Overall, I feel this film is a must watch at Christmas, and at only a 27 minute running time, it won’t take too much of a chunk out of your day.

Words by Jack Horsley.

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