The Christmas Chronicles (2018) Film Review | Advent Film Calendar Day 18

The Christmas Chronicles, released in 2018, is one of the best modern Christmas films in my opinion. 

Kurt Russel stars as Santa Claus himself and portrays the big man perfectly with his signature charm and humour. 

The predictable family loss and issues are evident, like most other festive films, and the main plot line stars young siblings Kate and Teddy as they hatch a plan to catch Santa when he comes to their home. In typical brother and sister fashion, it begins with Kate blackmailing her brother to spend Christmas Eve with her while their mom works a night shift. 

Teddy has gone off the rails since the passing of his father and become distant from the once close family unit, which leaves his sister envying and wishing for the bond they used to have.

Predictable but still engaging, the two kids join Saint Nick in a bid to save Christmas after the sleigh crashes and all presents are lost. Stranded in Chicago with no reindeer or Santa’s hat and sack, the trio race to get everything back in place before morning.

Nick ends up getting arrested while trying to round up the reindeer; the kids manage to escape with them and locate Santa’s bag, which Kate climbs into and transports to the North Pole to find help. Teddy is approached by a group of thugs who kidnap him and the bag, with his sister still inside, but luckily she returns with a bandit of elves in time to save them all. 

One of the elves sneaks into the holding cell through an air vent to break Santa out after his performance of “Santa Claus Is back In Town” with the inmates – boosting some much needed Christmas spirit. 

As anticipated, the holiday is saved and the children arrive home safely, just in time to greet their mother and find the living room decorated like their father used to… and presents under the tree, obviously                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           A cameo of Mrs Claus and Russel’s real-life wife, Goldie Hawn, at the end sets the film up for its sequel, now streaming on Netflix — featuring much of the original cast and more of the duo.

The Christmas Chronicles is an enjoyable watch for all ages and a modern classic. 

Words by Erin Memmott

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