Pale Waves – ‘She’s My Religion’ | Single Review

Manchester band, Pale Waves are back with the 2nd single from their forthcoming sophomore record, ‘Who am I?’.
This new song, ‘She’s My Religion’ follows the first single, ‘Change’ which was extremely well received.

Personally, I think this song is great. It really throws back to American classic grunge, that of Nirvana and Avril Lavigne. The cool riff that echoes throughout the track, it is kind of haunting in it’s darkness, that and in the respect that it’s always there. The chorus is brilliant, its not only incredibly catchy, but it highlights front-woman Heather Baron-Gracie’s incredible vocals as she belts out the words ‘She’s forever angry at the world’, singing about a female lover.

The song also conveys a brilliant message with Gracie wanting to normalise LGBTQ relationships, and loving your partner completely for who they are.
She took to twitter to say:

‘She’s my religion isn’t the standard or typical love song. Society depicts the dark sides to a person as unloveable and tends to only focus on the positive sides. I believe to love someone and their entirety creates a love that is freeing and truthful. Someone that loves every part of you allows you to see and love those parts of yourself. I wanted to write a song that used pronouns because for many years I didn’t in my music, and now I realise how normal that is, to normalise LGBTQ relationships in a world that needs it. Love who you wanna love and embrace it.’

Words by Jack Horsley.

‘She’s My Religion’, the fantastic new tune from Pale Waves is available to stream here:

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