Bladee and Mechatok – ‘Good Luck’ (2020) | Album review

Bladee returns with his second album of the year, this time collaborating with Mechatok who is a long time member of music collective Bala Club. Bladee’s debut mixtape ‘Gluee’ released in 2014 and has continued to receive lots of attention and praise from then onwards. Bladee’s debut studio album ‘Eversince’ released in 2016 and featured much darker lyrics around depression and addiction. Bladee’s mixtape ‘Icedancer’ was a huge success and managed to grow his fanbase massively, the song ‘Be Nice To Me’ remains his most streamed song to date and just recently crossed 10 million streams on spotify.

2020 has been a huge year for Bladee, His mixtape ‘Exeter’ released in April studio album ‘333’ in mid July, both albums received critical acclaim and were much enjoyed by fans. ‘Good Luck”’feels very different from these other two projects and much of his discography. 

The album starts off strong with ‘Intro’ a well produced, mostly instrumental track that is full of energy and interesting sounds. What differentiates ‘Good Luck’ from much of Bladee’s discography is it’s sound, this album has a sound that much more resembles something like an EDM album for many tracks and sounds and feels a lot less unique and experimental than projects like ‘Gluee’ or ‘Icedancer’ which helped to define Bladee’s style. 

The first single released before the project was for the song ‘Drama’. ‘Drama’ is easily one of the best songs of the year, the song dropped with a beautiful high budget music video. Although being only two minutes long, the song has great vocals and a very catchy beat and out of all the songs on this project, ‘Drama’ probably feels the most on brand song for Bladee. Another highlight on this project is ‘God’. ‘God’ was released as the second single for the album and is easily one of the better songs off the project, just like ‘Drama’ this song benefits from authentic vocals, great production and catchy beats. The main hook of the song is the line ‘All the way around’ which is repeated throughout and helps to make this one of the most catchy and addictive songs off of this project.

I want to mention the track ‘You’ which in my opinion is the most boring and disappointing track on this project. ‘You’ suffers from boring production, uninteresting vocals and an annoying beat. The album closes as it opens with a track called ‘Grace’ that is mostly comprised of instrumentals and backing vocals, ‘Grace’ feels like a very dissatisfying end to a project that in my opinion has so much wasted potential. 
My main frustration with ‘Good Luck’ is that every time I listen I can’t help but feel like a collaborative project like this by two very talented artists, has so much more to offer. ‘Good Luck’ is not a bad album, there is a few songs like ‘Drama’ and ‘God’ which help to save this project and despite a couple of mediocre tracks, ‘Good Luck’ still has lots of great moments to be found and should still be heard by every fan of Bladee or Drain Gang.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Words by Alex Herron.

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