Marvel Studio’s ‘Loki’ | Trailer Breakdown

So last night Disney made some huge shock announcements, in terms of new projects and casting for confirmed projects, but that’s for another article… I’m here now to talk about one. ‘Loki.’

Loki’ was previously announced back in November 2018, there has been a lot of anticipation surrounding the series, however just over 2 years later, we have only just got our trailer. The trailer kicks off with ‘that’ clip from ‘Endgame’, Stark is knocked over by Hulk and Loki grabs the tesseract and escapes. Now lets start fresh…

Loki awakens on a desolate desert planet, and is approached by a group. Next we know he is in an elevator, at the TVA. For those that don’t know the Time Variance Authority essentially govern many different realities in the multiverse. Similarly to Doctor Strange. Now when we see who he is in the elevator with, it appears to be Owen Wilson, his character name is not yet public. He explains that time works differently at the TVA.

From here on out we see a hooded figure (presumably our antagonist) causing chaos, Loki on trial and in a completely destroyed New York. This trailer certainly does contain mystery galore, with unknown figures and quite frankly, plot lines that will quite possibly mess with the time line. With this I refer to the end of the trailer. Loki can be seen on a plane and asks Thor and Heimdall if the bifrost is ready. He then jumps out the plane and into the bifrost. This hosts the question, will he be back for Thor: Love and Thunder? Where in time is he going to Asgard? Will he have to come face to face with Odin? Can he now mess around with time himself? There are too many questions currently no answers, but I’m sure all will be revealed in May of 2021, when ‘Loki’ will be streaming exclusively on Disney +.

Watch the trailer for yourself, here:

Want to discuss your own theories? Comment and have a chat with us, we would love to talk about this and the future of the MCU!

Words by Jack Horsley.

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