Arthur Christmas (2011) Review | Advent Film Calendar Day 10

A normal Christmas Eve in the North Pole would consist of elves getting everything ready and Santa – Malcolm Clause (Jim Broadbent) would deliver presents to children all around the world using advanced, high tech equipment, designed by his son and heir to the role, Steve Clause (Hugh Laurie). This year was slightly different though. 

After Santa almost wakes up a child and amongst the panic a present is knocked from a conveyor belt, they realise that a present won’t be getting delivered to a little girl in England, and it is time for the youngest of the family and chief letter writer Arthur (James McAvoy) to step in. Arthur and wrapping elf Briony (Ashley Jenson) along with Grandsanta (the old Santa Clause and voiced by Bill Nighy) decide to deliver the present but of course there is chaos that comes with it. 

They end up getting lost in three different continents, losing some of the reindeers and then the sleigh, being mistaken for aliens and accidentally causing an international military incident. Everything that possibly could have gone wrong went wrong but in true Christmas movie style, there is a happy ending. I’ll let you figure out if the present gets delivered or not. 

You’ll instantly become attached to all of the loveable characters – mainly Arthur’s nervous and clumsy yet heartwarming approach to everything – especially when he realises that he will be on the sleigh getting pulled by the reindeers. 

It’s not just the actual storyline that is amazing too – the visual animations are excellent. Aardman Animations have done a great job with the visuals and it is guaranteed to mesmerize children (and adults) of all ages.

This film is perfect for the whole family, and it gives an answer to a frequently asked question – “How does Santa deliver all the presents in one night?” so it saves everyone else from answering the question. It is definitely a must watch this Christmas!

Words by Izzy Hawksworth.

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