Scrooged (1988) Review | Advent Calendar Day 8

The holiday season is here! What more could you want from a festive classic than a clever satire on the greed and corruption in the TV and Film industry starring Bill Murray. Don’t worry! Scrooged (1988) has you covered. Bill Murray plays a narcissistic TV executive, who while having a disdain for most things except for his sleazy self, also doesn’t share the holiday spirit with his workforce. He makes them work throughout the holiday to prepare for the live production of ‘A Christmas Carol’. The film takes a very dickens turn of events when the sleazy TV executive is taken on a journey by three spirits earing lessons realising the despicable he has become, forcing him to cross the rubicon of change for his own greater good.

The film’s main character Frank Cross is played by Bill Murray perfectly. He brings a character that is so unlikeable and at times straight-up evil and gives him all of Murray’s quirks and delivery that make him still so entertaining for an audience to watch, while still carrying out some of the most loathsome acts. Including firing nervous and bumbling executive Eliot Loudermilk played by Bobcat Goldthwait is so cruel, yet creates one of the most entertaining scenes watching Bill Murray’s character observe the fired employee from his office window.

The film while often criticised lacking heart still has the Dickens-inspired ghosts of past, present and future to tutor Frank into reforming himself. That provides the film with the heart it needs to be a holiday classic. In between the brilliantly dark comedy and the excellent satire of the sleazy TV world.

Overall, Scrooged may not be the cheery Holiday watch for the family that everyone wants, but it will provide you with some of the wittiest dark comedy and satire, that will be sure to give you a few laughs. This topped-off with an excellent Bill Murray performance, Scrooged may not be for everyone – but if your willing to try it I hope you have as much fun as I had.

Words by Jake Morgan.

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