The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) | Advent Calendar Day 7

Tim Burton’s A Nightmare Before Christmas has become a bit of a holiday dilemma for a lot of people raising the question “Should we watch it for Halloween, or wait for Christmas?”, well, why not both?

This 1994 classic features the iconic Jack Skellington, a native to Halloween town, who becomes enchanted by Christmas Town. His obsession with Christmas goes to the extremes when our main protagonist abducts Santa Claus. This oddball adventure also features some classic musical scores along the way from the legendary Danny Elfman, who also does the singing voice for Jack Skellington.

The film is directed by Henry Selick, the stop-motion director also known for the 2009’s Coraline. The gothic style of animation and the stop-motion benefit the film and make it instantly recognisable. The gothic style doesn’t also overshadow how heart-warming the film is, especially with the final scene of Jack and Sally’s final love duet atop Spiral Hill.

The film, often wrongly thought to be directed by Tim Burton, features all of the visionary director’s quirky traits and character. From the at times strange and wonderful scenes and the mixture of a dark and heartening story beats.

Overall, A Nightmare Before Christmas is a holiday classic, featuring all the quirky visuals and heart from a Tim Burton picture. The iconic stop-motion animation and the character designs are stapled in pop culture forever. This dark fairy tale has become a Christmas viewing for most families, even if people aren’t entirely sure which holiday they need to watch it for.

Words by Jake Morgan.

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