The Mandalorian: Chapter 14 ‘The Tragedy’ Review

After last weeks episode, I wasn’t sure that there would be an episode that topped it, the beautiful call backs to Japanese cinema, the brilliant progression of the story and excellent portrayal of Ashoka Tano by Rosario Dawson, but boy was I wrong!

This weeks episode clocked in at 33 minutes, and to be honest I was expecting a quieter episode. As we knew from the previous week, Din and Grogu were heading to Typhon, in order to put Grogu on the seeing stone and letting him fulfil his destiny. As expected, this is exactly how the episode opens. Din practices the force with Grogu in the same way as last week, with the ball, and he loves it!

When they arrive, Din places Grogu on the seeing stone, and after moments of nothing happening, a blue force field surrounds him. We also see SLAVE 1 arrive!!! Yes, Bob Fett was back. He confronts Mando along with Fennec Shand (from the first season) and explains how often the retched are saved. Boba is there for his armour, and quite rightly so, but unfortunately the past has caught up with them. Ever since the tracker was placed on the Razorcrest, the empire have been tracking them and now it’s time for the showdown! Fennec and Boba agree to protect the child at all costs in return for the suit. After legit smashing stormtrooper helmets with his staff with brutal style, he dons his suit and well… kicks more ass.

But all hell breaks lose… The Razorcrest is destroyed, and Grogu falls into the hands of Moff Gideon. Witgh Din in tatters, with nothing but the armour and his back and his beskar staff to his name, he joins allegiance with Boba and Fennec, as they uphold their end of the bargain.

We are then shown the outcome of the seeing stone… In custody Grogu is seen ragging around Stormtroopers like they’re nothing, but he is stunned and cuffed by Gideon… Din also takes a detour to Nevaro, to build his team. He visits Cara Dune (now working for the New Republic) asks for help springing Mayfield (played by Bill Burr in season 1). It is clear the next episode will be the rescue of Grogu.

This episode was fantastic, the action with Boba was great, Morrison was fantastic in the role. He played the jaded bounty hunter well. It also wasn’t too long, it was brilliantly paced and left you wanting more! It showed a promising direction for the end of the series, and honestly, I’m hoping next week tops this!

Words by Jack Horsley.

Photo: Disney, Lucasfilm

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