Blossoms: Live at the O2 Academy Brixton via Melody VR| Gig Review

So for live music, 2020 has been a bust, but not just for fans…

For artists themselves they have been failing to make a living, with live events not going ahead, but fourtunately, there has been a way around this!

Artists have been playing live gigs all over the internet, and Melody VR so far has been giving artists a brilliant platform to use. They have been using the O2 Academy Brixton as a hub to host all sorts of live music events, with recently the Kaiser Chiefs performing there and tonight, Stockport’s Blossoms! (No, this isn’t wrong, it was written last night :))

The set kicked off nicely, with Tom Ogden solo playing a charming acoustic rendition of ‘Blown Rose’ from their debut album. It was absolutely delightful. His vocals were ace, and the song really works acoustically. Next, we were brilliantly transitioned into ‘The Keeper’, from their latest album,Foolish Loving Spaces’, and again was a fantastic rendition. The band (as always) worked very well together, especially with the added help with the instrumentation. Josh Dewhursts’s guitar solo at the end of the track was also superbly pulled off. The band then seamlessly transitioned into the lead single from their third album, ‘Your Girlfriend’. This was one of the highlights of the night for me. I love the slide guitar on the track and Tom’s stage presence was excellent.

The lads then went for a back to back callback to their sophomore record, ‘Cool like you’ with ‘Theres a reason why (I never returned your calls)’ and ‘I can’t stand it’. Both were performed to perfection and full of synthy-goodness, mastered by Myles Kellock. After a wonderful rendition of indie pop ballad ‘Getaway’ and upbeat ‘My swimming brain’, a well deserved break was in order. The lads had a nice chat. This element was brilliant for me, they made the affair very personal and intimate, almost as if they were just performing for themselves. After Tom asking what their favourite song from ‘Foolish Loving Spaces’ was, they launched into The Strokes inspired, ‘Sunday was a friend of mine’, my personal favourite from the album.

After this they played the brilliant, ‘If you think this is real life’. There was another break after this, with Josh joking about his herbal tea and some of the lads taking off their shoes in the cosy, festive venue.

Next on the setlist, ‘Honey Sweet’, again, brilliantly performed to studio quality. Santa then made an early appearance! The guys joked about him being a Scottish Santa, the term ‘Ho Ho Haggis’ being thrown around! Very fittingly, was the first ever live performance of their two new Christmas tunes, ‘Christmas Eve (Soul Purpose) ‘ and ‘It’s going to be a cold winter’, the latter containing some brilliant quips about Tom dating Joe’s sister, which made for some funny moments.

Heading towards the end of their set, they played their edgier first ever single, ‘Blow’, which was absolutely brilliant, one of my personal favourites so glad they played it! My highlight from this performance was Charlie Salt on bass, he was stellar! After they played ‘Like Gravity’ from their latest album. Interestingly I always really saw this song as a filler, but I really enjoyed it tonight, it highlighted Joe Donovan as a fantastic drummer (which of course he is!)

‘Falling for someone’ and ‘Oh No (I think I’m in love)’ were the last on the set before the big, high energy finale of ‘At most a kiss’ and, of course, ‘Charlemagne’. This was the fantastic end to a brilliant set!

Overall, this made for a brilliant live show, and really made me realise how much I miss live music. Not only was the performance top notch, but the other details were too, like the beautiful festive decorations and the lighting.

Words by Jack Horsley.

Photo Credit: Academy Music Group

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