Nvidia GeForce Now: The new way to game?

In a world where people incessantly argue about consoles and which platform is better, has Nvidia found a way to call a cease fire on the console war?

GeForce now is a brilliant piece of software, that essentially allows you to play games (that you own from Steam or that are free to play) without having the hardware to run it. You see, the way it works, is that it connects your PC, Mac, Chromebook or even phone, to a supercomputer in the cloud that streams back to your device in 1080p and 120 fps… for free? It sounds to good to be true.

Well… that’s because it kind of is. Now don’t get me wrong, these services are free. But there is a paid plan. This is called the founder’s edition and it is a £4.99 a month plan. This is a great deal if you’re gonna use it all the time. With the free plan, there are waits to get onto the servers (up to well over an hour) whereas the played plan eliminates this. The free plan also only allows you to play for an hour, however this is extended with the founder’s edition. The founder’s edition also allows for RTX, to boost those graphics even more for those high powered games. There is also a good deal on at the moment where you can get 6 months for only £24.99!

Overall, GeForce now is potentially a good investment. If you cannot afford a gaming PC, then this is a brilliant alternative, but the real thing will always have the edge. You don’t want the WHOLE game slowing down (even an offline one) just because you have a bad connection!

Words by Jack Horsley.

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