Tom Lumley and The Brave Liaison – ‘Better than this’ | Single Review

Throughout 2020 Tom Lumley and Co have been dominating the indie scene with fantastic tunes like ‘Shrink’ and ‘Casual’ and now they’re back with ‘Better than this’, a huge riffy masterpiece!

We first hear the hype building sound of the amp feedback, almost a warning to chuckle in for whats to come… Then the guitars and the drums kick in, huge overdriven riffs and massive sounding drums! The riff is almost reminiscent to that of Royal Blood, showing just how heavy the guys can get! Tom’s colloquial catchy lyrics are on point , with the anthemic stadium sized chorus is belted out with passion and power!

The group (and rightly so) have picked up some amazing coverage from the likes of Steve Lamacq on BBC 6 and John Kennedy on Radio X, giving the lads some well deserved recognition.

Words by Jack Horsley.

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