The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim | Classic Game Review

Okay so… not exactly classic, but I still find it hard to believe that a game like Skyrim is well over 10 years old!

I remember playing it upon release and I was blown away, I was only around 9 at the time but it was unreal! You could do so much, it was fully immersive, full open world with a huge map and everything you could ever want!

The character creation was a big highlight for me, crafting yourself into a Elvish Mage or a Orc Warrior and getting the character to look exactly how you wanted, it was the first game like it I’d played!

For me, this is Bethesda’s finest work. I was (and still am) a very big fan of Fallout 4, but this is brilliant in a different way. Whilst they have similar components (factions/guilds, the same engine I believe too), this just feels way cooler! You can join The Dark Brotherhood, or the Thieves Guild (my personal favourite) and upon doing so unlocks a whole host of missions and side quests that will take up ours of your precious time! And the main storyline, WOW! Joining either the Stormcloaks or The Imperials to battle Ulfricor join him! Going to Sovngarde to finally defeat Alduin the world eater, the most fearsome dragon of all time.

This game truly has enough content to have you playing for years, and it is truly one of the great video game masterpieces of our time! This game is also getting constant leases of life with ports across all new-gen consoles, so you don’t have to get the XBOX 360 out again!

Words by Jack Horsley.

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