The Mandalorian: Chapter 13 ‘The Jedi’ Review

Season 2 of The Mandalorian has been an absolute hit so far, and the latest episode shows that it has no plans to stop growing now!


‘The Jedi’ opens fantastically. Honestly I was a bit shocked by just how quickly Rosario Dawson’s Ashoka was introduced, nevertheless she kicked ass! In the opening scene Ashoka tears through the army of the city of Calodon on Corvus, in order to get to it’s leader, The Magistrate. She is wielding two white lightsabers, the kills are brutal and stylish, drawing from Dave Filoni’s love for Japanese cinema. It appears that The Magistrate has information that Ashoka needs, however she doesn’t give it up and Ashoka vows to return.

The episode shifts pace as we see Mando and The Child arrive on Corvus, as they’re landing we also see The Child unscrew a ball of some sorts from a handle in the ship, as they leave to go to Calodon, Mando confiscates it.

Upon arrival in the city, The Magistrate summons The Mandalorian, she offers him a staff of pure bezoar in return for him killing Ashoka, he sets off to find her.

After arriving at the co-ordinates, he battles Ashoka briefly, only for it to come to an end when he claims he needs to talk to her about the child.

This episode does a brilliant job of moving along the storyline, we are given some vital information and the next episode is set up nicely. It is revealed that Ashoka can communicate with The Child and his name… is Grogu. Not only does he have a name but a back story too. Just before The Clone Wars he was training on Coruscant, and after Order 66 he was hidden. It is mentioned that Ashoka only ever knew one other of his kind, Yoda.

After testing his force abilities, Ashoka claims that it would be dangerous to train him, that his anger could one day get the better of him, as it has done to Jedi knights before (Anakin). They agree that if Mando helps her take down The Magistrate she will train Grogu.

So they approach Calodon, take down the army and Ashoka battles the magistrate one on one. This is the next big reveal. The Whole time, Ashoka wanted the location of who The Magistrate was working for… It is revealed she is working for Thrawn! This once again sets up nicely for a spin off series or another episode…

As the episode draws to a close, peace is restored to Calodon, and Ashoka doesn’t have the heart to separate Mando and Grogu. Instead she gives them the location of a Jedi Temple, where upon the seeing stone, Grogu may decide his own fate and another Jedi will seek him out.

Overall this was a brilliant piece of television, Rosario Dawson played Ashoka Tano perfectly, and I hope is planned to appear more across the show, or even get her own!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Words by Jack Horsley.

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