Sam Fender – Winter Song Review

Hypersonic Missiles by Sam Fender was sort of ok, kind of. I listened to it once, thought it was inoffensive and somewhat pleasant and then completely forgot it existed until I listened to his new single, a cover of Lindisfarne’s ‘Winter Song’ on a whim and I think Sam Fender may be on to something.

You see, my issue with Sam Fender isn’t that he’s bad in any way, it’s that he’s boring with the ‘white guy plays guitar also he’s from a council estate’ branding major labels love. However, this ‘Winter Song’ cover shows a genuine talent. With the vocals actually being pretty incredible and the cold yet hopeful tone of the track bringing it all together in an absolute master stroke, ending in a cathartic and emotional finale. The lower key vibe fits Sam Fender way better than the overblown, stale arena rock of his debut and it’s incredibly exciting if this is the direction he decides to go in.

Words by Jack Vincent.

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