Regent – ‘No going back’ Single Review

No Going Back’ from Southampton Rock band Regent is the soundtrack to being in one those biker bars in the desert. Floors that haven’t been cleaned in decades, big burly, bearded men clad in leather giving you the stink eye and all the alcohol is 99.9%. It’s literally like that one episode of New Girl. I mean all of that in the most complimentary way possible because ‘No Going Back’ is an excellent piece of sun-baked blues rock.

Fuzzed out guitars accompany a gruff lead vocal building up to a big chorus when the drums and bass kick in. It’s real red Cadilliac on the road music. Hogs on the highway music. ‘No Going Back’ brings to mind such greats as Queens Of The Stone Age and Black Keys while maintaining its own identity. This brand of bluesy Rock ‘n’ Roll can sometimes come across as stale however that is definitely not the case ‘No Going Back’. An exciting song by an exciting band with limitless potential.

Words by Jack Vincent.

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