The Rills – ‘Stardog’ Review

After surprisingly finding fame on TikTok amassing 100,000 followers, Lincoln band, The Rills are back with their new heavy indie banger, ‘Stardog’.

The song opens with a huge drum beat and bleeds into a riff big enough to knock your socks off! We are then sent into a chorus that just screams classic indie bop, the hooky lyrics that are sung fantastically by frontman Mitch and the light guitar work, you cannot go wrong!

The tune itself centres around the character of The Stardog, a drug dealer of sorts. Mitch says “The Stardog is an amalgamation of the small town dealers that I knew growing up in Lincoln. He’s very much a big fish in a small pond and that can really get into people’s heads, regardless of what they do.”

To raise the tension and hit heavy on the realism of the song, the breakdown was recorded on a phone in the studio bathroom, they needed it to sound like what they were trying to make, it’s important that they stay as authentic as possible.

Stream ‘Stardog’ here!

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Words by Jack Horsley.

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