Cage Park – Parma Violets EP Review

After a name change from FLARES earlier this year, Cage Park have come back swinging with no sign of stopping!

As far as I’m concerned, ‘Parma Violets’ is the perfect indie hit! Edie Mist and Arthur Belben provide on-point, catchy lyricism, singing about ‘sitting at home with your makeup on’ whilst waiting to go out, providing very catchy and relatable lyrics for their audience, the late teens of the Birmingham music scene. We can see very possibly some first hand experience here, the teenage lifestyle is very prominent here.

‘Close but not enough’ is also a brilliant tune, with a darker vibe than that of its predecessors. The chorus is infectious with Arthur Belben belting the words ‘My head is on fire, I’m running out of something close but not enough’ whilst Leo White delivers a punky guitar track that is beautifully paired with Mist’s fearless bassline.

‘Kitchen Floor’ takes the EP to another pace, with a more of a mellow tune but equally as punky with cool, groovy riffs from White and pounding drums from Reuben Sanders, there are quite possibly to nods to Arctic Monkeys’ Whatever People Say I am That’s What I’m Not all over this tune, whilst also being distinctly Cage Park!

The EP ends with OK, a tune that calls to me from the opening drum beat! The song drips swagger, with the underlying riff from White and the cool lyrical breaks with Belben and Mist and then relentless chorus, I have so many fantastic things to say about this track! I would also love to highlight that the mixing on this EP as a whole is brilliant!

Listen to the EP down below!

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Words by Jack Horsley.

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