Among Us: Are indie games are taking over the video game scene?

Despite being a 2 year old game, Among Us has been the surprise hit of 2020, going from 50 players at a time upon it;’s first release to now having over 1.5 million concurrent players, I look into how Among Us gained it’s popularity, being played by influencers and streamers all over the world and millions of others.

The game was first released back in 2018, by InnerSloth. Among Us, follows similarly the rules of party game Mafia, the people playing have to figure out, who is the imposter/s by voting people off the ship. It was always possible that such a simple idea could be big, but there was an issue… people weren’t playing.

Upon release, Among Us could only be played only with people around you, and there were only 50 people in the entire world playing at one given time. The devs at InnerSloth began to think it could be a flop, but still they pressed on for it’s small yet dedicated fanbase. In many ways, The success of the game has the COVID-19 pandemic to thank. With people distanced from their friends, it’s integral that people are still able to communicate and have fun in these bleak times, and so Among Us grew!

With it being released on mobile, it gained traction! People could play it with their friends from their phone (meaning if they didn’t have a PC it wasn’t an issue) and a few months after it was released on mobile, it was placed on Steam for the low price of £3.99!

The game currently has a 10/10 rating on Steam with over 300,000 overwhelmingly positive reviews, and it begs the question, are indie games taking over the gaming scene?

Really, it’s a difficult question to answer… In the past few years there has been a surge of lower budget indie games coming to prominence, for example Stardew Valley, Cuphead, Undertale and LIMBO. People are drawn to the charming graphics, the simple stories and beautiful soundtracks, but I feel AAA games might always lead the way. Gamers love the cinematic fight scenes and huge firefights that they can play on their brand new powerful consoles.

To buy Among Us on Steam click here!

Words by Jack Horsley

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